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Future of the valleys

Spring 2004


Page 4 - Borders in the Mind

Untangling the historical threads of Wales’s troubled relationship with England, Grahame Davies finds that guilt is still guilt whether it’s 1300 years ago or yesterday.

Culture and Communication

Page 6 - Capital Times

Ian Jones recommends how a new museum of Cardiff life should be created.


Page 10 - News

Social Policy

Page 12 - Future of the Valleys

Rhys David suggests policy initiatives to tackle the problems of Wales’ emotional heartland.

Page 17 - Taking education to the community

Delyth Doyle describes a Valleys success story in outreach learning.

Page 19 - Future from the past

Jeff Pride says heritage tourism can help regenerate the Valleys.

Page 21 - Back to Basics

Kevin Morgan and Bob Smith argue that a housing transfer policy could spark major investment in the Valleys.

Politics and Policy

Page 24 - Carwyn’s Future

Peter Stead takes a look at Welsh Labour’s brightest prospect.

Page 26 - Market Solutions for the Public Sector

Gerald Holtham argues that PFI contracts can be better designed.

Page 28 - Golden Threads

Gillian Bristow explores the Assembly Government’s Partnership Councils.

Page 30 - Making It Happen

John Kelleher and Huw Vaughan Thomas discover how partnerships can work successfully in north Wales.

Page 32 - Grasping a Mirage

Sarah Stone poses key questions for those involved in partnerships.

Page 34 - Climbing Higher

Steve Hill says prevention rather than cure is one policy area where the Assembly Government can make a difference.

Page 36 - Gotcha Journalism

Leighton Andrews argues the media should not be the Government’s opposition.

The Economy

Page 39 - Manufacturing Meltdown

Phil Cooke says Wales has a hard road ahead in adjusting to the global economy.

Page 42 - When I hear the word culture …

Jessica Mugaseth finds a gap in the Welsh tourism market.


Page 44 - Budget Wars

Glenn Vaughan reports on the future of the European structural funds after 2006.

Page 47 - How devolution changed European policy

Desmond Clifford reveals how Wales and Scotland influenced the Convention on the future of Europe.

Social Policy

Page 50 - Affordable Homes

Gareth Jones says that the Assembly Government, local authorities and the National Parks can resolve the rural housing crisis.

Page 54 - Flexible Thinking

Hugh Morgan believes Wales could become the world’s first ‘autism-friendly’ country.


Page 56 - Community Power

Dafydd Huws describes Tregaron’s plans to use wind energy to fund rural regeneration.

Page 59 - Conspicuous Consumption

Morgan Parry urges action not words on the Assembly Government’s commitment to Sustainable Development.

Page 64 - Mainstreaming Renewable Energy

Peter Jones says Wales should move towards more sustainable ways of living.

Culture and Communication

Page 64 - Bilingual Price Tag

Colin Williams finds a gulf between the aims and reality of the Assembly Government’s language policies.

Page 67 - Spiral Decline

Gareth Jones makes the case for Welsh medium higher education.

Page 69 - Creative Writing

Heike Roms shares her experience of judging the 2004 Welsh Book of the Year.

The Last Word

Page 72 - Endpiece

Wales' White House (south) by Peter Stead